Driver Recruitment

Pre-condition of employment is that our drivers have to authorise us to do the following checks on them:

  1. Police check.
  2. ITC check.
  3. Verification of:
  4. Residence.
  5. Driver license.
  6. Professional driver permit (PDP).
  7. National Identification documents.

All the drivers: have got at least three (3) years traceable experience in the metered taxi industry at a reputable company and are:

  • Above 25 years of age but not more than 60
  • Fluent in both English & Zulu
  • Presentable
  • Very well groomed and
  • Family people (generally married and with kids).

Once employed drivers attend regular:

  • Customer care programmes.
  • Crime awareness initiatives.
  • Defensive Driver Courses.
  • First aid courses.

Apply to Drive For Rainbow Cabs

  • Are you a reliable driver with a clean track record , in search of employment? Fill in your details below and we will get back to you.